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Customer Comments


I would like to express our sincere thanks from the GreyStone Power Apparatus work group to you, and to Power Connections in general, for the recent assistance of Mr. Adam Patterson.

We recently made several changes to the settings and programming for the SEL controls on our line devices.  Adam helped us review the new settings and helped us develop and troubleshoot the programming of the SEL controls.  He worked with one of our technicians, by phone, for several hours over several days in order to develop and troubleshoot the programming.  It is no exaggeration to say that he was critical to the work, and his help is very much appreciated.

At the very least, the next time he is in town, our group would like to treat Adam to lunch, and we wanted to let you know that Adam’s efforts have raised the reputation of Power Connections very high at GreyStone.

G. Wade George, P.E.
Supervisor - Technical & Field Services
GreyStone Power Corporation

I think you’ve seriously impressed all of the generator companies who I asked to call you. It is almost funny how they would argue with me over using SEL saying that it wouldn’t work, then after calling you they were all about using SEL. I don’t know what all you told folks, but I kept getting glowing comments about you and whoever the SEL engineer was that you would get on the line. One company even told me (I forget which one) they now want to look at regularly using SEL for future proposals!

Best Regards,
Shane C Crump, P.E.
Crump Power Engineering, Inc.

As a customer, I just wanted to take the time to recognize Will and the great service he provides. He always follows up with updates on the same day, and keeps on top of critical orders. I can tell Will is personally invested and wants to ensure his customers are satisfied. I have always enjoyed working with Will and still do; he is a keeper (I’m sure you already know that). It isn’t often I work with vendors that provide great service that exceeds my expectations.

Jared Jones
Electrical Engineer
Shell Chemical LP

We had some really good Tech Support from Mike McKoy, with Power Connections. Power Connections is listed on the SEL Website as a "Partner" and Mike went above and beyond my expectations, especially considering he's not on our payroll.

-Chevron Engineer

Thanks for all of your hard work helping us to get this project off the ground. We had a question and a need any you furnished the answer. You spent a lot of time and effort with us making this happen and we do appreciate it. The support that we have received over time and the reliability of the SEL product is what we point to when we tell others why we are using Power Connections and the SEL products.

Thank you,
Mark Geiger
Meter and Apparatus Director
Walton EMC

Just when we felt that the customer service could not get any better than what SEL is providing, SEL decided to take it to another level. Outstanding! At Alabama Power, we truly appreciate SEL being there to help us in difficult times. And Jeff, we also appreciate the outstanding service that you and Power Connections have provided to us. We value our working relationship with SEL and look forward to working with you in the future.

Substations - Protective Equipment & Controls
Transmission Design & Construct - West
Alabama Power Company

We couldn’t be more pleased with the service from John, Susan and Power Connections as a whole. As always, we look forward to continuing the relationship.

Thanks again,
Jonathan Precise, Electrical Engineer
ECHO Power Engineering, LLC

Special thanks to Mr. Hataway and Mr. Gregory for you helping us to resolve our unexplained 79LO light on our SEL 351S relays. Greg got us looking at our voltage on the 52A contacts; we found it had dropped to 94.5 VDC. The problem turned out to be in our DC supply, and NOT the SEL, as usual!! Your uncompromising attention to detail and superb customer service never fails to impress us, gentlemen. This is a heartfelt expression of our appreciation for all you do.

Dr. Kelly F. Dougherty
Senior Electronics Technician
Cobb Energy Management Corporation

I just wanted you to know that Mr. Victor Caine really helps us and does all he can do to keep Power Connections as one of our preferred suppliers.

Robert Cheney
Principle Engineer
Alabama Power Company

I just wanted to take a moment to brag on one of your employees. I feel like too often customers only respond when there is a problem and they are angry.

On our order # K049609, we received a lot of pressure from our customer after the parts failed their promised ship date. Unfortunately, this required me to put a lot of pressure on Fran to get the problem resolved.

She handled it with exceptional dignity and grace. She sent us messages several times a day to reassure us that she was still diligently working on the issue. She explained the processes and the reason that the processes could not be sped up. She even offered to speak directly to our customer to explain it to them if we needed her to.

Once we reached the critical moment yesterday for the rescheduled shipment to occur, she even talked her rep at the factory into sending me the updates directly so that I could get the info even swifter.

Through it all, she has been our steady champion. She has always been a pleasure to work with, but it’s in the heat of such situations as this one that a person’s true mettle is tested. She passed her test with flying colors.

I will gladly continue to recommend your company as the opportunities permit, and I will always specify Fran as my choice of contacts there.

Matt Wilson
Expediting Coordinator / Purchasing Agent
Revere Control Systems

The support that we receive from Jeff Gregory, Mike Collum, Mike McKoy, and Todd Bridges is outstanding. We always use the support we receive from Power Connections and SEL as the measuring stick against which other company's support is judged. These guys do a great job.

Steve Jordan
Alabama Power - Substations
Chairman - Southern Company Transmission Design Standards

Thank you for all the help you have given us before and during our retrofit project. You are certainly a top notch group and go the extra mile to please the customer. You provided on-site training (several times) and actual hands on help with these retrofits all the way down to programming the relays with our settings. That is not something everyone is willing to do. Thanks again.

Apparatus Superintendent
North Georgia EMC

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate Victor Caine. Victor helps us do our jobs better and faster because of his attention to detail and the extra effort he puts forth. The orders the Victor sends in are always reviewed, corrected if needed, sales tax exemptions attached, etc. We are able to enter the orders without delay because Victor has taken the time to make sure everything is in order.

Everyone here that has any contact with Victor sings his praises. We wish every rep agency could have a Victor in their office. I just wanted to let you know that Victor goes above and beyond and we love him for it. You have a wonderful asset in your organization.

Best regards
Angela Stack
Credit & Collections Manager
G&W Electric Company

I have nothing but good things to say about Power Connections and want you to know that it is because of Fran Kelley that makes all the difference in the world. As a matter of fact, I wish all of my inside sales folks were just like her! Thanks for all that y’all do.

Tony Harkness
Supply Chain Buyer

Dear Mr. Gregory:

I am writing to commend one of your employees, Darron Meliet, who provided exceptional customer service to me today! Please allow me to share with you my story of how Darron came-through for me and how this experience impacts my feelings about your company.

I am an EE working with a steel mill in LaPlace, LA and I didn't have the C662 cable I needed to communicate with the SEL relays in my customer's substation. I got in touch with Darron via the SEL website and asked him how to secure a cable or at least how to "build" one using local vendors because I didn't have enough time to order one from SEL. Darron volunteered to come to the mill by 8AM the next day and he not only delivered a cable to me but he also provided a lot of good tips on how to maximize the utility of the SEL software. I would be hard-pressed to recall a time when I received service of this quality and I am so thankful for Darron's expertise and his willingness to "go the extra mile" to assist me!

I own a consulting company (Praxis Corporation) and I am acutely-aware of how important it is to be well-represented by our employees. Darron certainly represented your company very well and I would not hesitate to give my full recommendation to your company as a result of Darron's exceptional service! Please pass along my congratulations and thanks to Darron for his great work!

John J. Kolak, President
Praxis Corporation