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Power Connections Suppliers Page


Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) (AL,AR,FL,GA,LA,MS,TN)

SEL designs, manufactures, supplies, and supports products and services for power system protection, monitoring, control, automation, and metering. Solutions include comprehensive generator and transmission protection, Fault Indicators and Sensors, distribution automation and control systems, communications for critical infrastructure, and complete turn-key systems.

G&W Electric, Co. (AL,AR,FL,GA,LA,MS,TN)

Single and three phase switches and breakers utilizing SF6 and solid dielectric technology. Pad mounted, underground, and overhead switchgear. Viper SF6, Viper 3-phase solid dielectric, and Viper-ST triple option solid dielectric reclosers available with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories 351R and 651R recloser controls. Distribution sectionalizers, high speed transfer switches, cable termination products, and subcycle high fault current interrupting devices (CLIP).

Omicron Electronics Corp. USA (AL,AR,FL,GA,LA,MS,TN)

3-Phase secondary test sets utilizing Omicron's Test Universe Software for static and dynamic testing of micro-processor and electro-mechanical relays, energy meters, and transducers. Primary test sets for commissioning and maintenance testing of current and voltage transformers, power transformers, circuit breakers, cable impedances, and contact and winding resistances.

Inertia Engineering (AL,AR,FL,GA,LA,MS,TN)

Inertia Engineering and Machine Works, Inc. is a manufacturer of medium and high voltage switchgear, automation products and specialized equipment and components for the electrical power distribution industry.


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