New SEL-735 Meter
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Advanced Metering and Automation

Advanced metering solutions from SEL provide tailored metering data for real-time monitoring and control to improve stability. Leading versatility, communications, price, and support ensure that SEL metering solutions can measure and control any of today's new methods of generation. In addition to indoor mounting options, prewired outdoor enclosures from SEL facilitate high-end metering at virtually any location.

The revolutionary SEL-735 Power Quality and Revenue Meter builds upon the success of the SEL-734 Advanced Metering System with IEC 61000-4-30 power quality compliance and improved ease of use.

SEL continues to manufacture and fully support the legacy SEL-734 Meters.


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Power Quality Metering
SEL Offers Superior Alternative to Draw-Out Meters
Easily Extractable Meter

SEL now offers an innovative solution for draw-out meter requests. The Easily Extractable Meter (EXM) option reduces SEL-734 Meter removal time to less than one minute.

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